Dima Bilan singing and skating on ice – video

October 6, 2008

You must see the full video because after the first 30 seconds Dima Bilan is singing Believe and skating along with Evgheny Pluschenko.

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Dima Bilan and Elena Berezhnaya on ice – 1st video

Dima Bilan again on ice skating with Elena Berezhnaya -2nd video


Lordi reveal “Dark Floor” teaser

December 7, 2007

Dark Floors – The Lordi Motion Picture will be premiered in Finland February 8th 2008.

The Finnish Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi will perform the theme song and star in new €4 million horror movie for Finnish producer Markus Selin of Solar Films.

Here you can see the trailer.

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EBU decided: Two semi-finals for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest

September 28, 2007

At the 50th meeting of the TV Committee of the European Broadcasting Union, today in Verona, it was decided to approve the proposal of hosting two Semi-Finals for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The proposal was forwarded by the Reference Group of the contest. Only the Host Country, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom are automatically qualified for the Final. All other participants will be grouped into two Semi-Finals.

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Dima Bilan photos from Jurmala, Latvia

August 15, 2007

ddima.jpgdima-bilan-si-iana.jpg more photos here

Marija Serifovic: Molitva videoclip in two versions

August 15, 2007

The winner of this year Eurovision Song Contest, Marija Serifovic has released a two versions videoclip of her winning song Molitva. One in english and one in serbian.

You can watch the two versions here

New Wave 2007 Festival – Photos from Jurmala

August 15, 2007

nataliaprize.jpg Natalia Gordienko (ESC 2006) from Moldova won the 6th edition of New Wave Festival, Jurmala, Latvia. In the photo Natalia happy with her prize.

More photos of the New Wave festival you can see here

Who should represent Cyprus in 2008?

August 2, 2007

ESCCY starts a webpoll for who should represent Cyprus. The result’s will be send to CyBC (Cypriot Broadcasting Corporation) as their reader’s opinion.

Click to vote: Who should represent Cyprus in 2008? 


New Wave 2007: Kostas Martakis wins the Audience Choice Award

August 2, 2007

Greek musician Kostas Martakis is the winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2007 New Wave international music festival, in the Baltic resort of Jurmala, Latvia.

New Wave Festival 2007 (Day 4) : Kostas Martakis video (People are talking)

New Wave Festival 2007 (Day 3): Kostas Martakis video

New Wave Festival 2007:(Day 2) Kostas Martakis video

New Wave 2007: Natalia Gordienko wins the contest

August 2, 2007

gordienko-3.jpg  With 312 point Natalia Gordienko from Moldova wins the sixth edition of New Wave Festival.

Natalia Gordienko – video

New Wave festival:the order of contestants’ performances .

July 25, 2007

On 21 July was held the first casting of lots in one of Latvian golf-clubs “Venturi” where the order of contestants’ performances on the second day of the contest program was determined.

According to the rules of the casting of lots, every contestant had to hit a ball into a hole on the golf course.

A ball with a number that signifies the index number of performance was hidden inside of each hole.

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