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Eurovision songs hit Swedish and Irish charts

May 19, 2007


One week after the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest final and this year’s participating songs have started climbing the European charts. Sweden leads the way with seven of this year’s finalists in the chart and more countries are expected to follow soon.

Verka Serduchka(Ukraine) and Lasha Tumbai  shoots directly to #6 this week, Hanna Pakarinen (Finland) follows at #8 with Leave me alone and this year’s winning song Molitva by Marija Serifovic (Serbia) comes right after at # 9. Lower down in the Swedish Top 60, we come across Dima Koldun (Belarus) and Work your magic at #34, Serebro (Russia) and Song #1 one place lower at 35 and finally Magdi Rusza (Hungary) with Unsubstantial blues entering at # 59. The Ark climb back up again to #4 from 6 last week.

In Finland, DJ BoBo’s Vampires chart at #12 from 7 last week and in Ireland, Verka does it again entering the Irish Top 50 at #31, with Scooch following at #48.


“Koldun would have won for Russia”

May 18, 2007


The Russian press have had a field day with stories of plot and intrigue at the Eurovision Song Contest, following Serebro’s third place in Helsinki last week. Here, we look at a few of the stories which have lingered in the eye of the press after that eventful evening of May 12th, as summarised by the Moscow Times this week.

As usual for the tabloid press, stories playing on sensational and outrageous claims were in abundance, particularly focussing on “sabotage” in Serebro’s dressing room, and even, according to the publication Tvoi Den, sexual harassment of the girls on the part of certain other female representatives.

Russian columnists have generally covered coverage of Serbia’s win in less than endearing words for singer Marija Serifovic, suggesting an incredulous attitude towards the home entry’s failure to make the top spot. However, tabloid accounts predictably differ, and the alleged sabotage is described variously in Komsomolskaya Pravda and Tvoi Den as ripped or glue-stained dresses in Serebro’s dressing room, and posters – or flags – being torn from the walls.

Russia, goodbye?
The Serbian entry is not the only target of the Russian tabloids’ venom this week, as Tvoi Den goes on to accuse Ukrainian Verka Serduchka of uttering those unforgiveable words: the singer “with expression, and enunciating every syllable, said goodbye to Russia six times.” In response, Adrei Danilko (Verka’s comedian creator) is quoted in the Russian press directly as being “on the verge of tears” at all this criticism, denying that he used the word Russia in the song at all. However, Tvoi Den quotes this using the pronoun she, which Andrei only uses when in character – a move bound to provoke further response.

“Koldun would have won for Russia”
Perhaps expectedly, the Belarussian entry has been treated with much greater mercy by the Russian press, thanks to the presence of writer Phillip Kirkorov, a Russian megastar himself. Koldun is quoted in Tvoi Den as suggesting his low (relatively speaking – sixth place would more than please many a country) placing was due to international hostility towards Belarus. “They marked me down – what can I do?” Kirkorov himself is furious, exclaiming “I’m sure that if he had performed for Russia, we would have won first place.

With all this (melo)dramatic exposé continuing days after the contest’s end, fans can rest safe that Eurovision fever is alive and well in Russia – worthy of countless inches of commentary, sensationalist or otherwise!

Final Night – Verka Serduchka

May 17, 2007

8 ESC songs in official chart -UK: The new Sweden?

May 17, 2007


The United Kingdom official charts could be in for a revolution this Sunday, with 8 of this year’s 42 Eurovision Song Contest songs making an assault on the United Kingdom’s official chart. The official Eurovision Song Contest CD sales are up over 350% and sitting in 13th place on the album chart. With increasing commerical success of Eurovision Song Contest entries on this scale, British fans may soon be able to claim that their chart looks more Swedish than traditionally British!

Scooch lead the charge, at the number 8 spot on the chart which since earlier this year counts downloads equally alongside hard copy sales. This could actually be a problem for Scooch, who would be at number one if the chart still only counted hard copy CD sales! In the official midweek chart, Scooch are ahead of the singles by Akon and the collaboration between international icons, Beyonce & Shakira!

Coming up close behind the British act is Verka Serduchka, who sits at number 20 on the chart, and without a hard copy release, all sales come from legal downloads. On the download only Chart, the Ukrainian star would be up in 13th place!

The Eurovision Song Contest entries from Russia, Greece, Sweden, Serbia, Finland and France have all made it onto the official midweek chart top 100, and Eurovision Song Contest fans can help push them into the top 40 by Sunday by downloading the tracks legally via itunes, hmv or other included reputable sites.

The full midweek positions for Eurovision Song Contest entries in the United Kingdom charts:

08 Scooch (United Kingdom)
20 Verka Serduchka (Ukraine)
66 Serebro (Russia)
76 Sarbel  (Greece)
77 Ark  (Sweden)
78 Marija Serifovic (Serbia)
80 Hanna (Finland)
97 Les Fatals Picards (France)

Click here to purchase your legal copies of the songs and help the Eurovision Song Contest entrants break into the UK top 40 here. (You need to have itunes installed).

Maria Serifovic and Verka Serduchka in iTunes top 100

May 17, 2007

Molitva and Dancing Lasha Tumbai are on their way to the top of the Belgian iTunes top 100. Only a few days after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, the songs which respectively finished first and second in Helsinki, have already reached the top 30 of the download charts.

Dancing Lasha Tumbai, the Ukrainian entry performed by Verka Serduchka, currently occupies the 30th spot in the iTunes top 100. Maria Serifovic, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, does even better. Her winning song Molitva already reached the 15th position in the charts. So far, there are no other songs from the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 charting in the iTunes top 100.

Verka’s clip on youtube now!!!!

April 29, 2007

NEW! Video Verka Serduchka – Ukraine

April 29, 2007


Click HERE to see the new videoclip of Verka Serduchka –Dancing lasha tumbai

Verka Serduchka – video snippet of the new clip

April 28, 2007


Click HERE to see the new video (snippet)

Go to 2007/04/29/new-video-verka-serduchka-ukraine/ for full version of the clip!!!!

Source: oikotimes;

New version of ‘Dancing Lasha Tumbai’

April 25, 2007


The Ukrainian broadcaster NTU has given the excusive new version of this year’s Eurovision entry ”Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, performed by Verka Serduchka. The new version is a little bit more modernised with regards to the backing track, and will take to the stage in the Eurovision Song Contest final on May 20, in 18th position. It’s also visablly clear that the line is ”I want to see… Lasha Tumbai”.

Go to to hear the song and read more about.

Click HERE to for the new version

Two video versions for Ukraine!

April 21, 2007

Ukraine completed shootings of it’s video which will be available in two versions, second of them will be erotic one made specially for internet release featuring around hunded nude Ukrainian models